Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 2016 Task of the Month

Smethport Mind Your Manners Language Cards

As we approach the holidays during which friends and family gather for celebrations, manners are wonderful concepts to address.

In this task, we ask our students who show the potential to comprehend such concepts to make comparisons between 2 pictures that depict appropriate or inappropriate manners. These specific pictures are from a commercial product, Smethport MindYour Manners Language Cards. We adapted this set by placing a black square in the left corner of each picture.  Into the square, students place a happy, smiley face if the card showed the appropriate or ok behavior and a sad face if the card showed the inappropriate behavior or not ok behavior. The pieces of the task are segmented into containers and reminders of the comparisons being made of ok and not ok are provided as visual cues.

On this day, the student made a mistake when comparing table manners. When we check the students’ independent work and see mistakes such as these, we realize that the student requires more direct teaching of the concepts. We would teach the concept in real situations, such as role-playing the correct and incorrect behavior. Then we would reinforce this teaching with the same concept shown in pictures. 

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