Wednesday, February 1, 2017

February 2017 Task of the Month

This Valentine task is a favorite of ours. It addresses the simple academic goal of halves to wholes but more importantly it helps our students to recognize their classmates and learn their names.

Our students with autism often do not recognize faces of those around them. This can be for many reasons. One reason being that our students may see the details in the world around them but fail to pull these details together to create the whole picture. This inability not only affects their academic world but their social world as well. Failing to see the face as a “whole picture” may also interfere with the student’s ability to read emotions. They may be so focused on one detail of someone’s face that they fail to see that the person is happy, angry, or sad. If I don’t recognize you nor understand your actions, then why should I interact with you?

If we are to build facial recognition and social skills, we may begin with simple tasks like this one. Here the student is presented the task using container organization. The student takes a card from the left, studies the face, finds the matching face from the next container and when assembled places it into the “all done” container. As an added step once this is mastered the teacher may wish to add the students’ names. After mastering this task, a next step may be to pass out the valentines to the friend whose photo is on the card.

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