Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 2017 Task of the Month

We often address the skills our students need to learn by thinking of task designs that are quick to make. These squiggly worms were easy to make as were the written word labels that we affixed to plastic bags. If a student is not yet reading written words, we change the labels by adding the numerals and pictures as cues to accompany the words.

Using worms for counting can support themes about what we see in the spring, what birds eat, what is in the garden, etc.

We advocate using themed storybooks to teach concepts. Then we use the vocabulary from the story to address other skills. This task could be used to reinforce the vocabulary from a story, such as Wiggly the Worm by Arnie Lightning.

To learn more about literacy-based instruction, check out our set Tasks Galore Literature-Based Thematic Units. This set includes a storybook with a colorful character, Triggy, and a theme about foods and a resource book filled with hundreds of teaching activities in a variety of early learning curriculum areas, all of which are designed in a multi-modal task format.

Storybook included in Tasks Galore Literature-Based Thematic Units

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