Wednesday, July 5, 2017

July 2017 Task of the Month

Our task for this month addresses the need for us to be sure that our students are generalizing all information.  Because a student knows what a cow looks like when he sees the real thing does not mean that he knows a drawing of a cow represents the same animal. So we design tasks to be layered. For example, we may begin by having a child match one toy cow to another toy cow. This may progress to matching a toy cow to a photo of a cow, then an illustration of a cow, then a drawing and so on. Once these skills are mastered through practice and role play we may choose to add words. Many of our students love to read but at the same time may not be comprehending the words. Again, because they know how to read the word cow does not mean that they understand it represents the real thing. Therefore, we have the students match objects to words, photos, pictures, and actions to word etc.

This is a simple yet very well done task which requires the students to match an illustration to its photo as well as the corresponding word.

For more information on classroom literacy and task-making please visit our website and take a look at our Literature-BasedThematic Units book. This book, the fifth in our series, takes a single book and develops multiple units of study. From these studies we demonstrate creating developmentally appropriate, hands on activities for ALL young learners in a variety of curriculum areas.