Thursday, August 3, 2017

August 2017 Task of the Month

Adapted books are books that are modified to make them more meaningful and interesting to readers. There are many ways to adapt a book for an individual student’s learning style or disability. In this post, we will focus on those learners who do best with a multi-modal approach to learning.

We often prepare symbols, props, pictures, photos, or representational drawings for our students to match or sort within a book.

By adding this interactive component, we make the books more motivating. We use cut-out pieces, communication boards and/or story boards. Not only does this make the book more interesting, it also allows the student to demonstrate comprehension by placing the pieces onto the matching picture in a book or onto a story board or by handing the piece as requested by the teacher.

As professionals, we often do not realize all that a student knows or understands until we structure the materials in a way that allows them to show us. By adapting books, we give the student opportunities to explore books further than just stating the words or pictures from a page.

Beginning with our youngest students, they find adapted books to be fun and interesting. Perhaps one child is motivated to turn a page so he can remove a picture and place it into a slot while another student is motivated to finish by placing all the pictures into the book.

Others may sequence cutout pictures to retell a story.

Regardless of the way you choose to adapt a book, the goal is to make it more enjoyable and meaningful Enjoy the journey.

For more information on adapted books and literacy ideas for special learners, please visit and check out Literature-Based Thematic Units for a plethora of curriculum-based information. This book set demonstrates how to utilize the themes in I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry, What Shall I Do? (a simple board book that is included in the set) to design hundreds of ways to help a student with multiple facets of learning.

We have created a very limited number of adapted I’m Hungry, I’m Hungry, What Shall I Do? books to go along with this unit.

The books have:
  •         fully laminated pages,
  •         pre-cut pictures for matching,
  •        Velcro already in place, and
  •      no preparation required JUST OPEN AND USE!

These adapted books are available only on Amazon for $14.95 USD.

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