Sunday, December 10, 2017

December 2017 Task of the Month

Many times, we create tasks that are fun for students but can be frustrating for them at the same time. When pieces keep sliding, moving, or falling off when the student retrieves the task or attempts to put it away the student will not be successful. A cookie sheet is a fabulous way to present these tasks with multiple pieces. Simply glue small magnets onto the pieces and voila! This task can be set up in a variety of ways for individual students. We always plan tasks that can be adapted for a variety of learning levels. For example, one student may need a reduced number of pieces available to them and some black dots on the tree. They would place the pieces using one to one correspondence. Another student may be able to have colored dots to match with a variety of the pieces, again completing one to one correspondence but with the added component of color matching. Another student may have a list of decorations to check off such as “put 4 red circles n the tree” and finally another student may be able to have this task open ended if they are beginning to learn that not all activities have a distinct ending. It is a great idea to have a variety of activities for students to explore when their work is finished. Unscheduled time is often the most difficult time for our students with Autism, so it is helpful to have “what’s next” activities available until their next work session. 

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