Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 2018 Task of the Month

Many of our students are excellent readers. They decode words with ease. Our job is to make sure these students also comprehend what they read. We want them to understand that written words are not only symbols appearing on pages but also can give directions about what to do.

This task addresses this literacy issue and is designed for students who comprehend number and color words but have an emerging ability to comprehend nouns. To aid with reading these, we include line drawings on the direction cards.

The children choose one card, read it, find the correct color, count out the specified number. They then place the card and objects in a plastic bag.

Children complete the work independently. Later, however, we check to see whether the objects they placed in the bag match the directions. If there are multiple errors, we often bring the task back to 1-on-1 teaching sessions for more direct teaching of the skill.

After much practice with following directions with teacher-made tasks such as the one above, we present our students with more traditional types of worksheets.

Because some of the children pay better attention to tasks when there are components they can move, we adapt worksheets. For example, this worksheet has been adapted so that instead of writing the correct answer in the box, students place the numeral that equals the counted amount.

You can find a multitude of examples of activities that highlight following directions in our Tasks Galore books.