Monday, June 11, 2018

June 2018 Task of the Month

Our students typically have strong interests and prefer engaging in those interests when they have leisure time. This type of choice board has been used successfully in getting students to try something new. When the students have free time, they are shown the choices. For this student, the list includes written choices. For students who understand they are to make a choice but do not yet read, pictures or even objects can indicate the choices.

Students learn to pick one option during their first break time and place that written word in the “My Choice” box. When break time is finished, the students move the written word into the “Finished” box. When it is time for the next break, they recognize that the first option chosen in no longer available in the “Today’s Choice” box and is finished for the day. The students realize they must pick some other activity.

This structured routine, while giving several choices, encourages expanding interests. We often find that when students are guided to try some new leisure activity, they often like it and it becomes a new interest.