Sunday, September 2, 2018

September 2018 Task of the Month

We hope your school year is off to a good start. We always felt the beginning of a new term was stimulating. Getting to know our new students and their skills and possibilities was always exciting as was figuring out what was next in learning for our returning students.

Sometimes in our early learning classrooms, we have new students who have not yet been introduced to activities that require them to sustain focus until completion.

This is an example of a simple put-in task. The objects to put in are visible and can be turned up or down to fit through the opening. The opening is highlighted with white tape. To encourage our beginning students to attempt tasks, we design them so the explanation of what to do is visually clear. They remove each item from the box top, place it in the opening where it disappears into the container. It is obvious when the children have completed the task because all the pegs are gone.

Frequently we add additional sensory components to beginning tasks to make them more appealing to individual students, such as watching the chip float down through the water.

Or textures students can feel while placing the item.

Gradually we change the skills required in these simple tasks. In this task below, the students must figure out which object fits into which opening. Because the cylindrical spool will not fit into the horizontal slit and the buttons will not fit into the circular opening, the students discriminate. This is an early sorting type of task. Focusing attention to problem-solve is an important skill that they can generalize to other tasks as they progress. Such simple put-in tasks have valuable implications for our students.

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