Tuesday, October 2, 2018

October 2018 Task of the Month

Structuring activities to teach self-help/home living skills

Sorting socks, folding wash cloths, putting away silverware etc. are all good beginning chores for students. Children with special needs may need a more structured method than verbal direction alone when learning these skills. Therefore, we design structured activities or “tasks” that explicitly teach the needed skill. We teach, practice, and then implement the activity in the appropriate context.

The following tasks were designed for a student during TEACCH training held in North Carolina this summer. In the first one, he was to choose a sock from the bin on the left and clip it to the match on the “clothesline.” In the second, he was to locate two matching socks in the bin, combine them with a different kind of clip, and then place these in the finish bin on his right. Both tasks work on matching colors, sustaining attention, strengthening pincer grip, and organizing all the parts. The second task requires a bit more organization with its additional steps. A next step may be to place the socks into a drawer.

For hundreds of more activities and tasks please visit www.tasksgalore.com. You will find books full of ideas along with the “how and why” we structure them the way we do. Our books detail a wide array of curricula. Enjoy!