Sunday, November 11, 2018

November 2018 Task of the Month

This is a great activity for getting our students to begin noticing their peers. Some of the pages guide them to pay attention to peer’s physical characteristics. Others encourage questions in order to fill in an answer to complete the sentences about the person. The pages can be individualized for the students. This example is adapted with movable possible answers that can be Velcroed to fill in the blanks. You may even put this together as a booklet or leave it separated, depending on your student.

Other students may be able to practice the skill with pencil and paper. Below is an example of an activity for practicing the same skill in a Conversation Game format. Students take turns by choosing a topic from the two presented and then picking a question to ask. A next step might be to have the students think of a question independently when presented with a written prompt, such as, “What else could you ask your friend?”

Our hope as educators is that, as the students become comfortable with interacting with a peer using such structure, they may next ask spontaneous questions.

For these and other great ideas for social activities please visit our website.

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