Friday, March 1, 2019

March 2019 Task of the Month

Beginning Steps to Develop Tool Usage in Writing Skills

Many of our students initially have little interest in pre-writing activities. Structuring tasks to clarify for them what to do and when they will be finished encourages their participation in these learning tasks.

Think about how you can organize a task to enable a student to complete it independently. In this example, we have separated crayons into these openings so students, who do not yet know to pick up only one crayon at a time when scribbling, can easily do so. The rimmed border helps them scribble within the designated space. After students scribble with a crayon, they place it in the square opening. Its disappearance is a sign that marking with that crayon is finished. Clarifying the finish point helps some students attend a task that is not of their choosing.

The pre-writing task below addresses many different skills. Several fine motor movements are used – palmar grasp to pull the marker from the opening; finger grasp to remove top; wrist rotation to place marker into slot, etc. Additionally, after matching the number on the marker to the number on the coloring page, children need to focus on where they place the dot to stay within the lines as much as possible.
For these and other ideas for beginning steps to learning please visit Our products have hundreds of teaching activities along with invaluable information about the why’s and how’s to create these learning activities. Happy Tasking!