Sunday, April 7, 2019

April 2019 Task of the Month

Emotional Connections

Once our students with autism spectrum disorders and other special needs recognize the association between a facial expression and an emotion, we next ask them to learn what might cause such emotions. In this task that addresses the goal, students read the question and look at the two pictured choices. They determine which situation would create the emotion. Is the boy happy because his toe hurts or because he sees a birthday cake? Is the boy scared because he sees teddy bears hugging or because a ghost says, “Boo!”? Once the students decide which situation created the emotion, they Velcro their chosen picture under the question.

Typically, making these connections does not automatically happen for our students. You can help by pointing out in real life situations the emotion the student feels and what happened to evoke that feeling. For example, “John shared his toy with you; you must feel happy.” Also, when reading stories, help them see such connections. Doing so leads to better comprehension of the text.

Our books are full of wonderful ideas to enhance social emotional connections!  Please visit us at Thanks to those of you who showed support on April 2nd for World Autism Awareness Day. We strive to support our loved ones with autism and those agencies and caregivers working with them. And as always partial proceeds from our books are donated to organizations that provide services for people with autism spectrum disorders.