Thursday, June 6, 2019

June 2019 Task of the Month

Routines are Important

Our students benefit when they know what the routine will be. When we expect their attention and focus, we provide to-do lists that answer.

· What work?
· How much work?
· When will I be finished?
· What is next?

We forget sometimes that students need such a list even when working 1:1 with their teacher. This to-do list for teacher time has written directions with a check-off format. The numerals match work folders and the store activities include work on skills using real money to purchase items. The checkmark or X that students place in each box when they complete an activity lets them know that activity is finished. Choice, the last entry, lets students know what is next: choosing among options of high interest to them.

Not only are students’ attention, concentration, and retention improved through use of such a to-do list; they also feel less anxious when they know what will happen and when they will be finished working. When the student is less anxious, we see fewer behaviors and these reduced behaviors also are a result of the student seeing what he will get to do next. For example, they may see that their favorite activity will soon be coming.

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