Thursday, August 8, 2019

August 2019 Task of the Month

Learning Life Skills is SO Important!

This task focuses on using functional daily living skills to enhance understanding and retention. Students gather a bag of groceries from an assigned area and take it to a kitchen setting. They then sort the objects onto two shelves, one labeled cans and one labeled boxes. The student knows to continue until all groceries are put away and the bag is empty.

This is a good activity for students with goals regarding the gathering of materials; moving between areas; following a sequence to complete an activity independently and sorting from a field of two.

Once mastered in a structured setting a student may move on to the next step of helping unpack and put away groceries after a trip to the community store. Remember it is very important to generalize skills across settings whenever possible. For example, students begin by learning these skills in a classroom setting then generalizing to home and then to similar tasks in a work situation.

If you have further interest in structured daily living skills for your students, please be sure to check out our book Tasks Galore for the Real World .