Tuesday, October 8, 2019

October 2019 Task of the Month

This is a useful beginning task for students who are learning about simple sequences. When initially seeing this toy, many of our students do not understand that they are to place the rings in a sequential manner based on size. They often lose interest before testing out how to make all the rings fit.

By incorporating sequencing into the visual instructions for this ring stack, students understand more clearly what to do. They work from left to right while matching rings to the same color on the toy. Many beginning learners may not realize they need to retrieve only one item at a time to succeed. To help students comprehend this concept, we segment the rings into individual slots.

After students become familiar with this toy during direct teaching and learn to stack the rings from large to small when given these visual instructions, we assess which cues to fade, into which different classroom setting to place this toy so the student can play with it independently, and which other toys or activities also address the same skills (using only one at a time, color matching, left-to-right progression, size sequencing, sustaining interest until finished). It is essential that we figure out how students can generalize new skills to other activities and settings.

To learn more about how to teach appropriate play with toys and peers please check out our Tasks Galore Let’s Play book.

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