Monday, November 4, 2019

November 2019 Task of the Month

Photo courtesy of Laura from the blog My Montessori Journey.

Turkeys are one of the items associated with the November Thanksgiving holiday in the US. In this cute activity shared by Laura, on her blog  My Montessori Journey, students choose one of the “feathers” made of felt material from the bin. Using a pincer grasp they position the opening onto one of the buttons on the turkey and button it. If students have an objective of matching colors, the buttons could be colored to match the color of the felt feathers. The buttons and the opening on the feathers can gradually be made smaller as students become more adept with the skill. This is a great way to practice buttoning skills needed in real life for dressing independently within a fun, manipulative task. Of course, securing the turkey and the cup of feathers onto a container top add structure to the activity. When activities are self-contained, they aid those students who have struggles with organization. When the feathers are all out of the cup and the buttons are all covered the students will know the activity is finished.

All of us at Tasks Galore Publishing  hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving! So many of you have become a part of our family of folks who care.

***FYI alert!*** For the first time in 16 years we will be taking a break for the holidays. We will be closing for the month of December and will reopen January 6th. Please check these dates with any orders you may wish to make. We will post our December Blog with a reminder.

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