Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January 2020 Task of the Month

Happy New Year!!!!

We hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season! We are excited to be starting our 17th year here at Tasks Galore Publishing. We change and grow over the years, but our dedication remains the same. To help those with autism, their families and caregivers. Our information is classic and remains strong over all these years. What we have researched and used in our practices over 40 years works. That is what makes Tasks Galore so magical and of course you our dedicated audience. We thank you!

It is so important for students with ASD and other special needs to learn through multimodal tasks that engage the senses and aid retention. To make these tasks so that we individualize for the range of students’ abilities, however, is time-consuming. To make the job easier, we try to think of ways to use the same materials for a variety of objectives.

These large Tinker Toys affixed to a lid have pencils placed in them. The black strip has Velcro for attaching the various cards. A container holds erasers; these are ice cream scoops. The classroom teacher can use these same activity pieces to have her students match colors, copy a top-to-bottom sequence of colors, place the correct amount on the pencil, or follow written directions with picture cues to locate the correct colored erasers in the specified positional order by understanding the words, top, bottom, and middle. To make these different tasks requires us to make different directional cards only; the set-up and other materials remain the same.

Match Colors

Copy Sequences


Place in Correct Position